Club Strategic Plan


The Quinns District Amateur Football Club is dedicated to raising the profile of AFL within the local area by providing a supportive and welcoming environment for players, members and associated families. We will earn the respect and pride of the local and football communities through our determination for sustained success, while maintaining integrity, sportsmanship and proud unity in all our endeavours.


The Quinns District Amateur Football Club aims to ensure that every player has the opportunity to participate in a safe, friendly, disciplined and well organised club where they can enhance their health and wellbeing. This will be achieved through participating in organised sport, learning to work as a team to achieve a common goal, being given the opportunity to reach their full potential as sports people and as people, and to experience the highs and lows that come with being involved in team sports.

This aim will be achieved by promoting and developing as far as reasonable practical, the following values and objectives:

* An environment to nurture the physical and mental development of our youth.

* Respect for officials, volunteers, opposition players and supporters.

* The virtues of fair and discipline play.

* Competent coaches and assistants.

* Adequate facilities, amenities and equipment.

* Supervised social functions encouraging participation by all players, members and local families.

* Regular communication and consultation with players and parents (Colts Players)..

* Active leadership and management of the Club.

All players, coaches and officials, parents, supporters and committee members have a responsibility at all times when representing the Quinns District Amateur Football Club to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner consistent with these values.

Club Strategic Plan 2013